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The Friday Night Boys Lyrics


Everything You Ever Wanted: The B-Sides (2011)
Off The Deep End (2009)
That's What She Said EP (2008)
The Sketch Process EP (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Everything You Ever Wanted: The B-Sides" (2011)

1.  Impossible
2.  Everything You Ever Wanted
3.  The Real Story
4.  Everything Ur Boyfriend's Not
5.  Lights Out
6.  There's Still Time
7.  3 AM
8.  Better Than You
9.  Give It Up
10.  You Do, You Don't
11.  Superman (Save You)
12.  That's What She Said (Instrumental Dubstep Remix)

Album "Off The Deep End" (2009)

1.  Permanent Heartbreak
2.  Stupid Love Letter
3.  Suicide Sunday
4.  Finding Me Out
5.  Stuttering
6.  Can't Take That Away
7.  How I Met Your Mother
8.  Hollow
9.  The First Time (Natalie's Song)
10.  Molly Makeout
11.  Unforget You
12.  Sorry I Stole Your Gurl

EP "That's What She Said" (2008)

1.  Chasing A Rock Star
2.  That's What She Said
3.  Celebrity Life
4.  High School
5.  Thursday Night Pregame

EP "The Sketch Process" (2008)

1.  That's What She Said
2.  Give It Up
3.  High School
4.  Superman (Save You)
5.  You Do, You Don't
6.  Thursday Night Pregame

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Crismikkah
*   Girl, You Blow My Mind
*   Molly Makeout (Demo)
*   Rockstar
*   Sorry I Stole Yo Girl

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