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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Why "Alive" Lyrics?

A: We believe that lyrics on this site are "alive". This means that they are constantly changing, because you submit new songs, correct existing lyrics, add new artists and albums. Every song has its own distinctive features and its own life cycle.

Q: There are so many lyric sites, why should I use AliveLyrics?

A: AliveLyrics.com is not like your typical lyric website. We proud to offer you the most up-to-date, accurate and complete collection of lyrics which is constantly growing and improving. It's interactive: we allow you to add new songs, correct existing lyrics and make them as close to perfection as possible. We are also constantly improving our services and developing new features to make your experience with the site better.

Q: How can I add/correct lyrics on this site?

A: It's quite simple - you only need to fill one form for each action. Actions include: add lyrics, correct lyrics, suggest artist and correct other errors. Before submitting any information you must read and agree with our Terms & Conditions.

1) Add lyrics. Open artist's page (i.e. page with list of albums and songs) and click "Add new song" link at the bottom. Songs are usually added within a few days. Note that you may submit new songs only for those artists who already listed on the site. If you want to add new artist, use "Suggest artist" feature.

2) Suggest artist. Open any artists index (e.g. Artists index: "A") and click "Suggest artist" link at the bottom. Remember, it's just a suggestion, and we're unable to add every single artist to the site.

3) Correct lyrics. At the bottom of every page with lyrics you'll find "correct these lyrics" feature. If you see that the lyrics are damaged you may simply switch them back to the approved version.

4) Correct other errors. For all other errors (besides errors in lyrics) please use "Correct errors" feature at the bottom of any artist's page.

If you still have questions, please contact us.