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Gojira Lyrics

2. Backbone

On this rock I lie 
But I'm alive for good 
And I just free myself now 
From all what was wrong 
Break the unbreakable 

All the stars 
Fearlessly bright 
They call me out there 
Order me to face the wind 
My structure's alive, 
My body's on the way 
Don't bow down 
Before the walls 
Of fear and madness 
They try to counter me 
And strike me down 
To the ground again 

The strength of fire 
Is running through me 
Spike like beam of light 
What mortal could ever 
Break this force 
I see at last 
My backbone straighten 
Thy serpent made of bones 
Finally rise up 
From the ground awaken 

Beat your feet 
On the ground now, go!

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