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Gojira Lyrics

3. From The Sky

At the very first sound 
There was just light 
And then, a storm 
Of time and space 
Just came and struck 
Created our time 
In water life 
We understand 
It just only began 
Forced to look to the sky 
And wonder why 
We cannot face the fact that 
We're all scared now 
Of mysteries of life 
There is a mask that soon will fall 
Before the strong embrace 
Of love and might 
Of light in the dark 
I go for a quest 
I have to give myself the answer 
Enter now this place in the wild 
I can see the glade 
My feeling now is growing bigger 
From the sky 

I do feel like no one can save me 
I am so alone and yet I cried 
I called for help, forsaken 
But now I know 
The only was is to 
Understand the living 
Obey the rule of light 
And face the fear 
Inside out ! 

Lost, I found there a stone 
Erected in line 
With one the brightest stars 
Of all the night sky vault 
And I took my time 
Took off the moss 
Washed away the dust 
And gave a new lease of life 
It's mystical force 
I grab it now 
And praise this lord 
Of earth and stone 
Make passage for souls awaken 
So it returns 
To where it's always been 
With the gods 
Now coming, I feel the love 
It comes from on high 

I know the words 
But now I feel it inside 
It grows, it's there 
And all it comes from the sky

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