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Gojira Lyrics

8. In The Wilderness

On my way 
To the vision-come-true 
I enter a galaxy rising 
And I land on this 
Brown and green old place 
Whose wild is giant trees 

Trees so strong 
That they never can fall 
Four suns alight 
In silver grey sky 
Wild river flows 
With rage alive 
Lions of fire approach me 

Carved by the wind 
And the fall of water 
From the treetops 
I can see the end of a time 

Living respectful 
Low your axe 
And learn from the trees 

Second dawn 
Meet the sylvanlings 
Passageways into the deep 
Invitations to explore the forest 
Lions gales and chambers 

A tree trunk 
Lager than a mountain 
Stands on the top 
Of this hill 
Made of rock and mist 

Living respectful 
Low you axe 
And learn from the trees 

I will be always there 
Planet earth will overcome 
Men destroyed 
Scorned and killed their lives 
But the world is on her way

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