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Gojira Lyrics

1. Ocean Planet

I'm in a mental cage, 
I'm locked up 
Imprisoned I live, 
Deathlike, sickening 
Strong is your hold 
On my resignation 
I don't see the stars, 
My memories are veiled 

In fluid dreams 
I fall I'm restless 
Walls made of stone 
Are turned into water now 
Enlightened demons 
Are taking me by the hand 
Approaching me, 
The great eye speaking 

Mountainous waves 
Are breaking on my despair 
Awaken me but I'm still dreaming 
And I just plunge 
Into this sea of light 
Set open the doors of soul 
I'm living 

Lightning struck me 
I see the path I was so scared of 
And fly to the stars 
Conviction now increasing at last 
My skin is broken 
I see the smallest part of me 
My mind is alive 
But I'll never bow to this again 

Why do they call me there 
How can I fly to 
All this water 
I don't fell like 
I could ever swim to them 
Whales in the sky 
I feel they're so close 
Inside, and yet so far away 
Burst into tears, I feel sad 
My dreams aflame 
The force is now away 
Lie on a stone, 
Drop this load and cry to see 
The ocean planet is on burn

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