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Graf Orlock Lyrics


Destination Time: Today (2009)
Destination Time: Tomorrow (2007)
Destination Time: Yesterday (2006)

Album "Destination Time: Today" (2009)

*   Jamming In Traffic
*   Run Over By A Truck

Album "Destination Time: Tomorrow" (2007)

1.  Game Time
2.  A Shocking Interrogation
3.  A Misappropriation Of Sector Resources
4.  Corporate Greed
5.  A Waste Of Ammo
6.  I Think I'm Going To Love The Future
7.  Todd And Jamelle
8.  The Dream Left Behind

Album "Destination Time: Yesterday" (2006)

1.  Tactical Destruction
2.  50 Year Storm
3.  Not Economically Viable
4.  Improvement Society
5.  Dutch And The Demon
6.  Prove It
7.  Massacre!
8.  Captives Of The Thuggee
9.  Rotten Kid
10.  Hauser
11.  Personal Stuff
12.  Panic At The Galleria
13.  Border Crossing
14.  Marmot
15.  A Chat With The Pentagon

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