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Gregory And The Hawk Lyrics

6. Fin Song 8 (Orange River Remix)

Orange river glides through the saddle of the park 
An icy day in March cuts the clouds they push apart
I'd rather be on fire, rather be on fire, 
Fire Staring straight ahead, meeting the streets
Your inky Skin and your skinny feet it's about a sidewalk, 
About a subway, waking to sunsets
It's been all of my wishes devised a dream 
And then lived it and I remember 
When I first listened to your records
It's clouded, what we know
We can only hope
And I'm losing just about everything
It's been all of my regrets to live a lie 
And end upset and I remember 
When peace was a pretty contender
It's clouded what we know
And I'm losing everything

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