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Gym Class Heroes Lyrics

12. Wejusfreestylin

"if we were recording right now, 
and we would be getting all this, yeah sorry. 
yeah we should have a freestyle on this." 
"a freestyle?" 
"yeah hit em off with something." 
"spit a verse, travis, spit a verse." 
"youre picking your nose, travis." 
"stop picking your nose." 
"f**k you, dude, f**k you." 

traded in my hollow words for jelly-filled verbs 
and five pound pronouns and predicates 
this is Shlep's edicate for sloppy fable manners 
get your napkins 
mattie, dude, kick the beat 
and ill rhyme top of the line, top of the world 
top of the morning to you, top dog 
cause i'm top notch, tiger 
tie it in a knot till your eyeballs pop out 
so you can actually see what an actual MC looks like 
and if i had to pick and chose id be the indecisive dick 
in the voting booth 
laughing at my options 
like stop the press and all the media 
Shleprok is leaving ya 
walk with prosthetic concoctions 
i thought i told you 
you're just a toadstool 
like mario with fire powers 
sticking dick to the princess 
its just senseless like that David and Goliath drama 
minus the sling and stone your basically defenseless. 
anyway, you wanna it 
Shleprok's cock's obnoxious 
feels like a midget is chillen in my boxers 

"i'm sorry." 
"i don't know.."

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