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Hannah Montana Lyrics

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Miley Cyrus


Hannah Montana 3 Soundtrack (2009)
Hannah Montana: The Movie Soundtrack (2009)
Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus Soundtrack (2007)
Hannah Montana Soundtrack (2006)
Miscellaneous songs

Soundtrack "Hannah Montana 3" (2009)

1.  It's All Right Here
2.  Let's Do This
3.  Mixed Up
4.  He Could Be The One
5.  Just A Girl
6.  I Wanna Know You
7.  Supergirl
8.  Every Part Of Me
9.  Ice Cream Freeze (Let's Chill)
10.  Don't Wanna Be Torn
11.  Let's Get Crazy

Soundtrack "Hannah Montana: The Movie" (2009)

*   Let's Do This
*   Let's Get Crazy
*   Spotlight
*   The Best Of Both Worlds: 2009 Movie Mix
*   The Good Life
*   What's Not To Like
*   You'll Always Find Your Way Back Home

Soundtrack "Hannah Montana 2: Meet Miley Cyrus" (2007)

1.  We Got The Party (With Us)
2.  Nobody's Perfect
3.  Make Some Noise
4.  Rock Star
5.  Old Blue Jeans
6.  Life's What You Make It
7.  One In A Million
8.  Bigger Than Us
9.  You And Me Together
10.  True Friend
11.  See You Again
12.  East Northumberland High
13.  Let's Dance
14.  G.N.O. (Girl's Night Out)
15.  Right Here
16.  As I Am
17.  Start All Over
18.  Clear
19.  Good And Broken
20.  I Miss You

Soundtrack "Hannah Montana" (2006)

1.  Best Of Both Worlds
2.  Who Said
3.  Just Like You
4.  Pumpin' Up The Party
5.  If We Were A Movie
6.  I've Got Nerve
7.  The Other Side Of Me
8.  This Is The Life
13.  I Learned From You
14.  Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree (Holiday Edition Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   The Bone Dance

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