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Hawthorne Heights Lyrics

1. There Was A Kid (Part 2)

There was a kid who was raised by television.
Had an alcoholic father who died from bad decisions.
He swore he'd never drink so he'd never end up like him.
He didn't know his father cause he couldn't break the cycle.

There was a kid who grew up in a trailer.
His mother worked so hard but still she felt like such a failure.
He swore he'd make it out & when he did he'd come & get her.
He'd pack up all her things so she could live a little better.

There was a kid who had goals & bigger dreams
Headed in the wrong direction looking for a different scene.
Trying to find another kid who's clinging to a rope.
So he taught himself to sing but all he found was hope.

Sing a song of hope
Sing a song of hope
It's all I really know
Sing a song of hope

"Hope means you really want someone to come back"

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