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He Is Legend Lyrics

10. I Am Hollywood

Heather's gone
She left a note
"He Is Legend" was all she wrote
Go fetch the detective
I think I've found something
This isn't Heather's handwriting 

That's right, I said it
I said it [repeat]

Don't you talk to strangers? 
You know it leads to danger
"I'm gonna be a big star some day"

Shake that thing

The kidnapper is at the Comfort Inn
We'll find your daughter and we'll get revenge
Record me / red carpet [repeat]
Red carpet burns

The ransom, the handsome one knocks on your door
It's the candy, the paper, the blood on the floor
It's the "diamonds and pills"
Leave my daughter alone!
It's the glamour that kills
"Dad, I'm not coming home"

I am Hollywood
Watch where you point your finger
I am Hollywood
You better remember


I am Hollywood [repeat]

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