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He Is Legend Lyrics

4. The Fool

Cold and lonely as I sit across from reigning kings
These days are empty and I feel like this one was written about me
Because as I wandered, I felt like she was wandering too
Never knew the grass was growing
Never knew where I was going

I felt alive
I felt vivid
I fell asleep under the table
I don't know why my lip is bleeding
I underestimate the need in silent love

Should I have lost the love tonight?
Are we running out of time?

It's dark and cool there tonight
I feel fine
And if kissing the fool makes it right
I feel fine sweetheart

There's my story though sad and tragic it is true
I've watched the sun set on the hills and lost the ones I knew
But that's just me, this is me
I'm lonely and aging
Now I know where I am going
But never knew the grass was growing
I'm still alive and still vivid
I'm waking up under the table
I don't mind that my lip is bleeding
Its ok, I just need silent love

Should have lost the love tonight,
Are we running out of time?

Cause it's dark and cool there tonight and I'll be fine
And I'm kissing the fool there tonight and Ill be fine

Four years ago I never loved a thing
And four years later I've got a reason to sing
My life has become the portraits of the things I never wanted them to be
This is a call to all my frozen friends

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