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He Is Legend Lyrics

*  Wounded

Originally by Third Eye Blind

The guy who put his hands on you 
Has got nothing to do with me 
And the bruises that you feel will heal 
And I hope you'll come around 
'Cuz we're missing you 

And you used to speak so easy 
Now you're afraid to talk to me 
It's like walking with the wounded 
Carrying that weight way too far 
The concrete pulled you down so hard 
Out there with the wounded 
We're missing you 

And I never claimed to understand 
What happens after dark 
But my fingers catch the sparks 
At the thought of touching you 
When you're wounded 

Pour it out boys

Let me break it down to revise the issue 
We miss your face and you know I wish you 
Would come back down to the Dalva Bar 
You tell them, "That's just my battle scar" 
I want to kiss you 
And knock 'em down like we used to 
You're the marigold 
Well you walking down shaking that thing all day
And then you walk on baby, walk on, you walk on 
On and on 

You're an angel in the pit 
With her hands in the air 
And we're missing you 

Now it's fall and your shoulders get tighter 
Nervous flicks on the lighter, boots 
Your pissed off poets, and your women's groups 
And the friends with you, we should've known this fool 
Well, I guess we missed the mark 
Still my fingers catch the sparks 
At the thought of them touching you 
And now you're wounded 

Let me break it down to revise the issue 
You never come around and you know we miss you 
Well nobody took your pride away 
You tell 'em, "That's just what people say" 
Back down the bully to the end of the bus 
It's time for them to be scared of us 
Till you're yelling, how we living? 
'Cuz you got the ball 
Then you rock on baby, rock on, you rock on

You're a summertime hottie 
With her feet in the air 
You're singing, "I don't care, I don't care " 

Yeah baby you show up

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