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Hellogoodbye Lyrics

*  If You Wanna...I Might

You take a seat right next to me
And I take my Lit notes nervously
I've gotta stay calm, I just want you to stay
I am always daydreaming
Hoping you've dreamt of the same thing
I've gotta stay calm, I don't want this to change

I've been assuming everything
Hoping you'll soon mean everything
I've gotta stay calm, I want this to be real
I don't think you're into me
But truly, that's okay with me
I've gotta stay calm and find out how you feel

So if you wanna say "I-I-I like you"
I might feel just like you
If you choose-choose not to
I knew you-you would

Sometimes I think I am out of my league
And then sometimes I think I can dream
Sometimes I wish I could be the one fish
That you choose out of all in the sea

We are non-existent
But I'll try to be persistent
I've gotta keep on if I want to be close to you
I know you're uninterested
I'm probably just some stupid kid
I could give up if you would want me to

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