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Hellogoodbye Lyrics

*  Two Gay German Clubbers Who Are In A Club

[Nokia ring tone]
[Forrest:] Hello?
[Jesse:] Hey Deidrich, where you at?
[Forrest:] Um, I'm in the club. We in the club tonight!
[Jesse:] Ya? What are you doing on June 21st, you dummy?
[Forrest:] We're going to the club to see the show!
[Jesse:] What show, you idiot? Speak up a little!
[Forrest:] Hold on, let me go in the bathroom. [Door closes]
Okay, that's better. It's a prom at Chain Reaction 
in Anaheim and everyone will be there.
[Jesse:] Oh, shut up! You are so much of a liar!
[Forrest:] It's true, I swear! It's in the club, like me! 
Musical groups are playing dance music!
[Jesse:] Shut up!
[Forrest:] It's true, I swear! Limbeck and Melee 
and Hellogoodbye are all gonna be in the club.
[Jesse:] Ooh! I wanna go to the club!
[Forrest:] Ya! Let's go!
[Jesse:] Ok, ya! Meet me in the club!
[Forrest:] Bye, boy!
[Jesse:] Bye!

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