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Hinder Lyrics


Take It To The Limit (2008)
Extreme Behavior (2005)

Album "Take It To The Limit" (2008)

1.  Use Me
2.  Loaded & Alone
3.  Last Kiss Goodbye
4.  Up All Night
5.  Without You
6.  Take It To The Limit
7.  The Best Is Yet To Come
8.  Heaven Sent
9.  Thing For You
10.  Lost In The Sun
11.  Far From Home
12.  Heartless
13.  One Night Stand (iTunes Bonus Track)
14.  Live For Today (Walmart Bonus Track)
15.  Running In The Rain (Walmart Bonus Track)

Album "Extreme Behavior" (2005)

1.  Get Stoned
2.  How Long
3.  By The Way
4.  Nothin' Good About Goodbye
5.  Bliss (I Don't Wanna Know)
6.  Better Than Me
7.  Room 21
8.  Lips Of An Angel
9.  Homecoming Queen
10.  Shoulda
11.  Bed Of Roses (Walmart Exclusive Re-Release)
12.  Take Me Home Tonight (Walmart Exclusive Re-Release)

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