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The Honorary Title Lyrics


Scream & Light Up The Sky (2007)
Anything Else But The Truth (2004)

Album "Scream & Light Up The Sky" (2007)

1.  Thin Layer
2.  Stay Away
3.  Untouched And Intact
4.  Stuck At Sea
5.  Far More
6.  Radiate
7.  Along The Way
8.  Apologize
9.  The City's Summer
10.  Only One Week
11.  Wait Until I'm Gone

Album "Anything Else But The Truth" (2004)

1.  Frame By Frame
2.  Bridge And Tunnel
3.  Everything I Once Had
4.  Cut Short
5.  Points Underneath
6.  Anything Else But The Truth
7.  Revealing Too Much
8.  Snow Day
9.  Disengage
10.  The Smoking Pose
11.  Petals
12.  Cats In Heat

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