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I Can Make A Mess Like Nobody's Business Lyrics

2. Lame Duck

Give me a reason,
or sign that our time's not up
Cause baby were worth so much
More than to just give up
I'd like to say we gave it all
It's so hard to let this go

Cause A is the reason we wake up each morning
Beside the person we love
L A M E duck keeps flying in circles
Knowing there's love left in us
Love left in us

Give me a second, 
A chance if the clocks not up. 
Cause baby weve got so much
More than it feels to us
I'd like to say we tasted love
Its so hard to let you go


I'm wide awake I'm a sleepless disaster
Counting the time until we have our last show 
Wishing that I could just turn back now
Realizing there may be time to get better
I know we can make it
I know we can make it
I know we can make it in the end


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