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Idlewild Lyrics


Make Another World (2007)
Warnings/Promises (2005)
The Remote Part (2003)
100 Broken Windows (2001)
Hope Is Important (1999)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Make Another World" (2007)

1.  In Competition For The Worst Time
2.  Everything (As It Moves)
3.  No Emotion
4.  Make Another World
5.  If It Takes You Home
6.  Future Works
7.  You And I Are Both Away
8.  A Ghost In The Arcade
9.  Once In Your Life
10.  Finished It Remains

Album "Warnings/Promises" (2005)

1.  Love Steals Us From Loneliness
2.  Welcome Home
3.  I Want A Warning
4.  I Understand It
5.  As If I Hadn't Slept
6.  Too Long Awake
7.  Not Just Sometimes But Always
8.  The Space Between All Things
9.  El Capitan
10.  Blame It On The Obvious Ways
11.  Disconnected
12.  Goodnight

Album "The Remote Part" (2003)

1.  You Held The World In Your Arms
2.  A Modern Way Of Letting Go
3.  American English
4.  I Never Wanted
5.  (I Am) What I Am Not
6.  Live In A Hiding Place
7.  Out Of Routine
8.  Century After Century
9.  Tell Me 10 Words
10.  Stay The Same
11.  In Remote Part / Scottish Fiction

Album "100 Broken Windows" (2001)

1.  Little Discourage
2.  I Don't Have The Map
3.  These Wooden Ideas
4.  Roseability
5.  Idea Track
6.  Let Me Sleep (Next To The Mirror)
7.  Listen To What You've Got
8.  Actually It's Darkness
9.  Rusty
10.  Mistake Pageant
11.  Quiet Crown
12.  The Bronze Medal
13.  Meet Me At The Harbour (Japanese Bonus Track)
14.  There's Glory In Your Story (Japanese Bonus Track)

Album "Hope Is Important" (1999)

1.  You've Lost Your Way
2.  A Film For The Future
3.  Paint Nothing
4.  When I Argue I See Shapes
5.  4 People Do Good
6.  I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight
7.  Everyone Says You're So Fragile
8.  I'm A Message
9.  You Don't Have The Heart
10.  Close The Door
11.  Safe And Sound
12.  Low Light

Miscellaneous songs:

*   All This Information (from "You Held The World..." Single)
*   Broken Windows
*   Don't Let Me Change (from "Love Steals Us..." Single)
*   Gone Too Long (from "Love Steals Us..." Single)
*   Self Healer
*   We Always Have To Impress (from "American English" Single)

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