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Inhale Exhale Lyrics

2. By Grace

My eyes roll back into my head, 
i'm trying to keep my head on straight to 
understand. Remember what he said, 
"Yes, I do believe". 
A smile reached the surface. 

Free me. You have freed me, 
I will not suffer anymore, 
Suffer anymore. I'm alive. 

I'm scared stiff, i'm shakin' in my boots. 
When you come face to face with the reason 
you exist. I'm holdin' on to truth, 
and livin' like a king. I'm tired now, 
somehow I will survive. I can't remember 
how it feels to be alright. 

By grace, you have freed me, I will not 
suffer anymore, I will not suffer anymore, 
suffer anymore. I'm alive

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