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Inhale Exhale Lyrics

3. The Impatient Will Suffer

Let's move on.
Approach if you dare.
When will you break away from your own rule.
Push and shove the hardest that you can.
I am not the nightmare that chooses you.
Bring your worst to the table.
I found your memories on the floor.
As blank they are your choices.
I saw a man on top of the world.
Crushed by the fear of his maker.
And it is coming down to what means the most to you.
It feels so right when everything is in your hands.
Bring your worst to the table.
To walk around and not help you up would be a shame at least I know.
And find a gun at the end of your heartache.
We will fight to hold back the tears.
Oh my.
Just sit and stare.
The time you leave the talking to someone else.
You must be searching for someone else.
You must be searching for something else.
I will restore your heart's desires.
And when the sun goes down you'll live to see another day.

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