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In The Eyes Of A Mistress Lyrics


Nobody Move, This Is A Breakdown Shakedown! (2011)
Ain't No Pity In Breakdown City EP (2009)
In The Eyes Of A Mistress EP (2007)

Album "Nobody Move, This Is A Breakdown Shakedown!" (2011)

1.  A Picture Of BeyoncĂ©, Pouring Sugar On My Dick
2.  Jacuzzi Casanova
3.  And This Is How I Met Tyler Durden...
4.  It's Like Killing A Unicorn With, Like, A Bomb
5.  You Play With Fire, You Get Cut
6.  Sharks Live In Water. There's Water In My Toilet. I Rest My Case.
7.  We Used To Be Pussweeds But Now We're Metal, So Get Over Here And Put Out!
8.  Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, BEETLEJUICE
9.  Diabolical Dick Shrinking Mother Fuckers
10.  It Doesn't Matter If You Win Or Lose, It's What You Do With Your Dancin' Shoes
11.  I'll Bet You Twenty Bucks I Can Get You Gambling Before The End Of The Day

EP "Ain't No Pity In Breakdown City" (2009)

1.  I Got It From A Friend, Who Also Happens To Wear Bitchin' Ass Pants
2.  Dude, Chicks Are For Fags
3.  It's Not A Motorcycle Baby, It's A Chopper
4.  I've Never Had To Suck A Dick Before... I Bet It Sucks Dick
5.  Acetone, Turpentine, Benzine. He Calls It "The Dip
6.  Avi, Pull Your Socks Up!
7.  Yikes! Spikes!

EP "In The Eyes Of A Mistress" (2007)

1.  Why Waste A Suit On A Corpse?
2.  Abraham Lincoln Killed The King
3.  Jeffery Dahmer, Eat Your Heart Out!
4.  Buying Cigarettes For Minors
5.  'You Might End Up Dead' Is My Middle Name
6.  Keep Your Eyes To Yourself Sweetheart
7.  Bullets! ... My Only Weakness

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