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Iron & Wine Lyrics

*  Calm On The Valley

There's a rooster, a hen, a black dog
By my kid in the yard 
And I've tattooed the head
Of the woman I've wed on my arm

We sit on the lawn 
And she winks and she yawns
At the sound that the setting sun makes
As it lights up the lake and goes down

And you ease my troubles with your hands
Like the night puts a calm on the valley
Moved my shaking castle from the sand
When you gave me your soul for to marry

Dum da dum, da da dum . . .

The cicadas in tune ain�t too noisy for you
But too fast, as the night eases in 
Like dark wine on our skin and the grass

Now the moon's high above
You're the woman I've loved for so long 
It's the last goodnight kiss and
These moments I miss when you're gone

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