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Iron & Wine Lyrics

*  Mothers Of The Rodeo

Mothers of the rodeo
Like anyone who's watched a lover go
And their love thrown down
Torn and tossed around
Baby, say you'll stay with me
We'll build a bridge across it carefully
Just let them lie, don't throw
At least our river goes

Do, do, do, do

Mothers of the boys in grey
Palms and kisses that were blown away
Like this cask and drum
Music borne from blood
Baby, say you'll stay with me
I've lost my money and my family
Well I've got friends beside
We drink by riverside

Satan and the Holy Ghost
Like any mother of the rodeo
From the flaws they've found
Much like no one else
I'll be waiting faithfully
Until baby says she'll stay with me
Let their bible burn
Around this river's turn

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