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Iron & Wine Lyrics

2. White Tooth Man

Said the plain clothes cop to the beauty queen 
“I’ve seen nothing but a spoke in a wheel” 
So she gave up her crown to a kid with a crutch 
And they both felt cheated after closing the deal 
And the white tooth man, I ran with him 
Got all cut up from pissing out in the weeds 
And a fight upstate with a broken blade 
And a wife whose finger never wanted a ring 

Said the plain clothes cop to the Indian chief 
“I’ve made nothing but an honest mistake” 
The postman cried while reading the mail 
And we all got trampled in the Christmas parade 
And the white tooth man who sold me a gun 
A map of Canaan and a government bond 
Said, “I love this town, but it ain’t the same” 
The ski mask ripped as he was putting it on 

Said the plain clothes cop to the holy ghost 
“I’ve heard nothing if it wasn’t the wind” 
And we all got sick on a strip club meal 
While the statehouse was frying all the witches again 
So the white tooth man with his kids in the car 
And a wad of money that was already spent 
Said, “I love my dog but she just ran away
She’ll keep running like the world never ends”

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