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Jamestown Story Lyrics


Love Vs. Life (2008)
The Prologue EP (2008)
One Last Breath (2007)
Jamestown Story EP (2005)
Broken Summer (2003) (Performed as "...And Then I Turned Seven")

Album "Love Vs. Life" (2008)

*   Futile Road
*   Till The World Ends

EP "The Prologue" (2008)

1.  It Will Be Alright (Hallejuah)
2.  Far Away
3.  Distant And Faded
4.  Come On, Come On
5.  You're Going Down

Album "One Last Breath" (2007)

1.  Head Spin
2.  Don't Say No
3.  Hold On
4.  Have You Ever Danced With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight?
5.  Breakdown
6.  Touche, Miss Indenial
7.  It's Like A Knife In A Gunfight
8.  Breathe For Me

EP "Jamestown Story" (2005)

1.  Distant And Faded
2.  In Loving Memory
3.  The Jamestown Story
4.  If You Live By The Sword, You Die By The Sword
5.  Flawed
6.  Slowly Moving In

Album "Broken Summer" (2003)

(Performed as "...And Then I Turned Seven")

1.  Change
2.  Sweet Dreams
3.  Forget
4.  I Hope You're Proud
5.  Goodbye (I'm Sorry)
6.  Unforgettable Night
7.  Forgotten
8.  I Miss You
9.  Broken Summer (Instrumental)
10.  Under The Stars
11.  I Need You

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