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Jamestown Story Lyrics

7. Forgotten

Performed as "...And Then I Turned Seven"

There was a time, when all was perfect, 
No worries, but now that's blurry
We had something, that no one had, 
But it's all gone now, ain't that so sad
He came along, took you away, 
He opened his arms wide, there you stayed
You smiled, and waved goodbye, 
And for the last time, I looked in your eyes...

Love can fade, can break away, 
Can be forgotten, but not replaced
You might lose hope, you might lose faith, 
But don't throw it all away, cause your afraid...

Now all I ask, is for him to care, 
For him to treat you, like I were always there
But please don't love him, come back to me, 
I'm begging you, I'm on my knees

Please don't forget, all the times we spent, 
And all the places, we saw and went
You were soo happy, what did I do wrong, 
Was I not good enough, all along...

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