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Jennifer Hudson Lyrics

11. Invisible

Seems like I’m not here 
It’s like I don’t mean nothing 
Like glass unclear 
Almost like you can see straight through me 
I got questions but no answers 
So tired of being confused and I 
Don’t wanna stay right here and I 
Gotta find my wings and fly 

I gotta find me another way 
Cause I don’t wanna stay another day 
Time for a change in my mind 
I’v opened my eyes I’m changing my life 
And now I’m gonna live my life for me 
Cause this ain't how it’s supposed to be 
No more standing in the back of the line 
Cause I’m invisible for the last time 

Why can’t you see me 
Do I really even matter 
You changed me completely 
And I remember how it used to be 
I got question what’s the lesson 
I’m tired of being confused and I’m 
I’m gonna take my chance and fly 
I’m taking back my life 


This can’t be it for me 
This can’t be all I’m made for 
And all my time wasted in this life 
It’s my time to shine 
No more feeling insufficient 
I’m gonna make my own decisions 
It don’t matter what you can or cannot see 
I’m doing this for me 


Can you see me 
I know you see me 
No more stand in the back of the line 
Cause I’m invisible for the last time

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