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Jesse McCartney Lyrics


Departure (2008)
Right Where You Want Me (2006)
Beautiful Soul (2004)
Jmac EP (2003)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Departure" (2008)

1.  Leavin'
2.  It's Over
3.  Rock You
4.  How Do You Sleep?
5.  Into Ya
6.  Make Up
7.  My Baby
8.  Told You So
9.  Relapse
10.  Runnin'
11.  Freaky
12.  Not Your Enemy
13.  Bleeding Love (Bonus Track)
14.  Oxygen (Japanese Bonus Track)
15.  De Toi À Moi (Just So You Know) (French Edition Bonus Track)
16.  Think About It (Bonus Track)
17.  Sunshine (Bonus Track)
18.  How Do You Sleep? (Remix) (Departure: Recharged)
19.  Crash & Burn (Departure: Recharged)
20.  Body Language (Departure: Recharged)
21.  In My Veins (Departure: Recharged)

Album "Right Where You Want Me" (2006)

1.  Right Where You Want Me
2.  Just So You Know
3.  Blow Your Mind
4.  Right Back In The Water
5.  Anybody
6.  Tell Her
7.  Just Go
8.  Can't Let You Go
9.  We Can Go Anywhere
10.  Feelin' You
11.  Invincible
12.  Daddy's Little Girl
13.  Gone (Bonus Track)

Album "Beautiful Soul" (2004)

1.  She's No You
2.  Beautiful Soul
3.  Get Your Shine On
4.  Take Your Sweet Time
5.  Without You
6.  Why Don't You Kiss Her
7.  That Was Then
8.  Come To Me
9.  What's Your Name
10.  Because You Live
11.  Why Is Love So Hard To Find
12.  The Stupid Things

EP "Jmac" (2003)

1.  Beautiful Soul
2.  Don't You
3.  Why Don't You Kiss Her

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Best Day Of My Life ("A Cinderella Story" soundtrack)
*   Crush'n (from "Lizzie Mcguire: Total Party" compilation)
*   Don't Go Breakin' My Heart ("Ella Enchanted" soundtrack)
*   Feels Like Sunday (from "Right Where You Want Me" single)
*   Good Life ("Stuck In The Suburbs" soundtrack)
*   I'll Try (from "Disneymania 4")
*   One Way Or Another (from "Radio Disney Jingle Jams")
*   Running Away (from "Right Where You Want Me" single)
*   The Second Star To The Right
*   When You Wish Upon A Star (from "Disneymania 3")
*   Winter Wonderland (from "Radio Disney Jingle Jams")
*   Would I Lie To You?

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