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Jojo Lyrics


The High Road (2006)
Jojo (2004)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "The High Road" (2006)

1.  This Time
2.  The Way You Do Me
3.  Too Little, Too Late
4.  The High Road
5.  Anything
6.  Like That
7.  Good Ol'
8.  Coming For You
9.  Let It Rain
10.  Exceptional
11.  How To Touch A Girl
12.  Note To God
13.  Do Whatcha Gotta Do (Bonus Track)
14.  Get It Poppin' (Bonus Track)
15.  I Can Take You There (Bonus Track)

Album "Jojo" (2004)

1.  Breezy
2.  Baby It's You
3.  Not That Kinda Girl
4.  The Happy Song
5.  Homeboy
6.  City Lights
7.  Leave (Get Out)
8.  Use My Shoulder
9.  Never Say Goodbye
10.  Weak
11.  Keep On Keepin' On
12.  Sunshine
13.  Yes Or No
14.  Fairy Tales
15.  Butterflies (Bonus track)
16.  Back And Forth (Bonus track)
17.  Baby It's You (Remix) (Bonus track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Beautiful Girls
*   Secret Love (from "Shark Tale" soundtrack)

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