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Jonas Brothers Lyrics


Lines, Vines And Trying Times (2009)
A Little Bit Longer (2008)
Jonas Brothers (2007)
It's About Time (2006)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Lines, Vines And Trying Times" (2009)

1.  World War III
2.  Paranoid
3.  Fly With Me
4.  Poison Ivy
5.  Hey Baby
6.  Before The Storm
7.  What Did I Do To Your Heart?
8.  Much Better
9.  Black Keys
10.  Don't Charge Me For The Crime
11.  Turn Right
12.  Don't Speak
13.  Keep It Real (Bonus Track)

Album "A Little Bit Longer" (2008)

1.  BB Good
2.  Burning Up
3.  Shelf
4.  One Man Show
5.  Lovebug
6.  Tonight
7.  Can't Have You
8.  Video Girl
9.  Pushing Me Away
10.  Sorry
11.  Got Me Going Crazy
12.  A Little Bit Longer
13.  Live To Party (Wal-Mart Bonus Track)
14.  Hello Goodbye (Target Bonus Track)
15.  Infatuation (Japanese Bonus Track)

Album "Jonas Brothers" (2007)

1.  S.O.S.
2.  Hold On
3.  Goodnight And Goodbye
4.  That's Just The Way We Roll
5.  Hello Beautiful
6.  Still In Love With You
7.  Australia
8.  Games
9.  When You Look Me In The Eyes
10.  Inseparable
11.  Just Friends
12.  Hollywood
13.  Year 3000
14.  Kids Of The Future
15.  Baby Bottle Bop Theme Song (Wal-Mart Bonus Track)
16.  Take A Breath (Bonus Jonas Edition)
17.  We Got The Party (Bonus Jonas Edition)
18.  Out Of This World (UK Only Bonus Track)

Album "It's About Time" (2006)

1.  What I Go To School For
2.  Time For Me To Fly
3.  Year 3000
4.  One Day At A Time
5.  6 Minutes
6.  Mandy
7.  You Just Don't Know It
8.  I Am What I Am
9.  Underdog
10.  7:05
11.  Please Be Mine

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Don't Take My Heart And Put It On A Shelf
*   Don't Tell Anyone
*   Eternity
*   Girl Of My Dreams* (from "Disney Channel Holiday")
*   Gotta Find You ("Camp Rock" Soundtrack)
*   Hey We're Gonna Be Alright
*   I Wan'na Be Like You (from "Disneymania 5")
*   Joyful Kings (from "All Wrapped Up!" Compilation)
*   Kung Fu Grip
*   Love Is On It's Way
*   Move On
*   Pizza Girls
*   Play My Music
*   Poor Unfortunate Souls ("The Little Mermaid" Soundtrack)
*   Take On Me
*   Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me) (from "Disneymania 4")

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