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Jon McLaughlin Lyrics


OK Now (2008)
Indiana (2007)

Album "OK Now" (2008)

1.  Beating My Heart
2.  Four Years
3.  You Can Never Go Back
4.  Things That You Say
5.  The Middle
6.  You Are The One I Love
7.  Always On My Mind
8.  Dance Your Life Away
9.  Why I'm Talking To You
10.  Throw My Love Around
11.  We All Need Saving

Album "Indiana" (2007)

1.  Industry
2.  Beautiful Disaster
3.  Just Give It Time
4.  Already In
5.  For You From Me
6.  Human
7.  Indiana
8.  Anthem For American Teenagers
9.  People
10.  Amelia's Missing
11.  Praying To The Wrong God
12.  Perfect
13.  Until You Got Love
14.  Conversations (Amazon Exclusive)
15.  Throwing A Line (Amazon Exclusive)

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