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Jordan Pruitt Lyrics


Permission To Fly (2008)
No Ordinary Girl (2007)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Permission To Fly" (2008)

1.  One Love
2.  My Shoes
3.  In Love For A Day
4.  Boyfriend
5.  Unconditional
6.  I'm Gone
7.  Simple Things
8.  Permission To Fly
9.  The Way You Do The Things You Do
10.  Secrets
11.  I Wanna Go Back
12.  Always

Album "No Ordinary Girl" (2007)

1.  No Ordinary Girl
2.  Miss Popularity
3.  Over It
4.  Teenager
5.  Outside Looking In
6.  We Are Family
7.  Waiting For You
8.  Jump To The Rhythm
9.  My Reality
10.  Who Likes Who
11.  Later
12.  When I Pretend
13.  Waiting For The Weekend (Target Bonus Track)
14.  Whatever (Best Buy Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Celebrate Love (from "Disney Channel Holiday")
*   When She Loved Me (from "Disneymania 5")

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