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Julie Roberts Lyrics


Men & Mascara (2006)
Julie Roberts (2004)

Album "Men & Mascara" (2006)

1.  Paint And Pillows
2.  Smile
3.  Too Damn Young
4.  Men & Mascara
5.  First To Never Know
6.  Chasin' Whiskey
7.  A Bridge That's Burning
8.  Lonely Alone
9.  That Ain't A Crime
10.  Mama Don't Cry
11.  All I Want Is You
12.  Girl Next Door

Album "Julie Roberts" (2004)

1.  You Ain't Down Home
2.  Break Down Here
3.  Pot Of Gold
4.  Unlove Me
5.  Just 'Cause We Can
6.  Wake Up Older
7.  If You Had Called Yesterday
8.  No Way Out
9.  I Can't Get Over You
10.  Rain On A Tin Roof
11.  The Chance

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