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Katy Perry Lyrics


One Of The Boys (2008)
Katy Hudson (2001) (Perfomed as Katy Hudson)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "One Of The Boys" (2008)

1.  One Of The Boys
2.  I Kissed A Girl
3.  Waking Up In Vegas
4.  Thinking Of You
5.  Mannequin
6.  Ur So Gay
7.  Hot N Cold
8.  If You Can Afford Me
9.  Lost
10.  Self Inflicted
11.  I'm Still Breathing
12.  Fingerprints
13.  I Think I'm Ready (iTunes Bonus Track)
14.  A Cup of Coffee (Wal-Mart Bonus Track)

Album "Katy Hudson" (2001)

(Perfomed as Katy Hudson)

1.  Trust In Me
2.  Piercing
3.  Search Me
4.  Last Call
5.  Growing Pains
6.  My Own Monster
7.  Split
8.  Faith Won't Fail
9.  Naturally
10.  When There's Nothing Left

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Box
*   Broken
*   Diamonds
*   Simple ("The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants" Soundtrack)
*   Use Your Love

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