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Keane Lyrics


Perfect Symmetry (2008)
Under The Iron Sea (2006)
Hopes And Fears (2004)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Perfect Symmetry" (2008)

1.  Spiralling
2.  The Lovers Are Losing
3.  Better Than This
4.  You Haven't Told Me Anything
5.  Perfect Symmetry
6.  You Don't See Me
7.  Again And Again
8.  Playing Along
9.  Pretend That You're Alone
10.  Black Burning Heart
11.  Love Is The End
12.  My Shadow (Bonus Track On Japanese Edition)

Album "Under The Iron Sea" (2006)

1.  Atlantic
2.  Is It Any Wonder?
3.  Nothing In My Way
4.  Leaving So Soon?
5.  A Bad Dream
6.  Hamburg Song
7.  Put It Behind You
8.  The Iron Sea
9.  Crystal Ball
10.  Try Again
11.  Broken Toy
12.  The Frog Prince

Album "Hopes And Fears" (2004)

1.  Somewhere Only We Know
2.  Bend & Break
3.  We Might As Well Be Strangers
4.  Everybody's Changing
5.  Your Eyes Open
6.  She Has No Time
7.  Can't Stop Now
8.  Sunshine
9.  This Is The Last Time
10.  On A Day Like Today
11.  Untitled 1
12.  Bedshaped

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Allemande (from "This Is The Last Time" Single)
*   To The End Of The Earth (from "Everybody's Changing" 2004 Single)

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