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Kill Paradise Lyrics


The Effect (2007)
Pictures (2005)

Album "The Effect" (2007)

1.  Fall From A Star
2.  Candy Land Wedding
3.  All For You
4.  Brake Your Bones
5.  Katie And I
6.  Radio Arcade
7.  Dreamwork
8.  My Beauty Queen
9.  Crystals
10.  Beautiful Colors

Album "Pictures" (2005)

1.  R.C.N.K.
2.  Brain Candy
3.  Backyard Grammar
4.  Bye Simple
5.  The Grassy
6.  The Couplet
7.  Closed Heart Surgery
8.  Heart And Soul Sing-along
9.  Mimic A Stranger
10.  Have You Met The Sims

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