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The Kooks Lyrics


Konk (2008)
Inside In/Inside Out (2006)

Album "Konk" (2008)

1.  See The Sun
2.  Always Where I Need To Be
3.  Mr. Maker
4.  Do You Wanna
5.  Gap
6.  Love It All
7.  Stormy Weather
8.  Sway
9.  Shine On
10.  Down To The Market
11.  One Last Time
12.  Tick Of Time
13.  All Over Town (Hidden Track)
14.  Bad Taste In My Mouth (iTunes bonus track)
15.  Vicious (iTunes pre-order bonus track)

Album "Inside In/Inside Out" (2006)

1.  Seaside
2.  See The World
3.  Sofa Song
4.  Eddie's Gun
5.  Ooh La
6.  You Don't Love Me
7.  She Moves In Her Own Way
8.  Matchbox
9.  Naive
10.  I Want You Back
11.  If Only
12.  Jackie Big Tits
13.  Time Awaits
14.  Got No Love
15.  Do You Love Me Still? (US bonus track)

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