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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

10. 106 South

Our trip had ended
I didn't know what I had to do 
Who really cares at all?
We had to get away somehow 
We settled on a place where the open road had closed 
And we tried too many times before 

And I spent the night alone with three things on my mind 
Money - bills-pills-thrills and girls 
(I've been) looking through the pages of some magazine that I've read a thousand times 
The food all starts to taste the same 
And it's 6:09 am and there's nothing on TV 
And I'm fucked just look at me 

Watching the Simpsons afraid to call you 
I know I fucked up 
I know I owe you seven hundred 
Please don't hate me 
I'll get a job and I'll pay you back somehow 
One more night alone and you can take it 
There'll be more tomorrow 
Same magazine and tasteless food 
Same TV screen, same shitty mood 

And I feel like it can't get worse

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