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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

10. 3AM QVC Shopping Spree Hangover

Limp lines resign themselves to margins.

Like a drunken vampire, I miss the sun.
I killed this summer, now it's done.
Let’s split and reconvene in a warmer space.
I’m scratching my head turning nights into days.

Don’t talk to me about boredom. 
Don’t talk to me about pride.
I sucked it all up, I swallowed it down. It’s fine.

Gangrene hangs on every word. 
Bullshit endings to stories unheard. 
It’s unheard of to me to not fathom doom. 
So, what did you find in my emperor's tomb? 
Some notebooks, some tee-shirts, some bad spelling errors.
Strangled syntax, broken bottles and chairs.
This here is my legacy. I leave all of this to thee. 

Drink at the funeral. Piss on the corpse.
Yell at the sun till your voice is all hoarse.
I’m gone. This is good bye. 

Dead as a dream beneath a grey Chicago sky.

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