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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

11. Abracadaver

Bright and burning blue, stretch your arms out above me. 
I know that you still love me like you did.
Copper brown and orange red burn the words that I never said. 
I’m swallowing the pill. 

If you see me grinning it's a disguise. If you see me grinning don't trust me lies. 
When the ink dries we'll have another masterpiece. 
When the drink dies we'll have another restless sleep. 

The smell is so thick that I can taste it. 
It’s stained so bad that we'll never erase it
 ... try, try again and again it falls flat. 
Falls rolling in and I can't find my hat. 

A magic dream haver, an abracadaver, 
Use your mind over matter 'til there's nothing the matter at all. 

These columns are calmly calming me down.
The white stripe of light from the sky to the ground 
Is the biggest most obvious red flag, and it's waving away in the wind. 
And nobody sees the clouds or the trees, only the dust ... and the fire within.

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