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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

5. All The Week

Misleading utterings 
Shadow boxer right hook mood swings 
My endurance test 
I coughed and bled and caught my breath 
Tender in a burning sense 
The way we spoke when we were silent 
Repressed in living scenes 
Black and white like old t.v.s screens 
Front porch confessional 
Bottled feelings finally smashed against the wall 

This is the virus 
Sitting in silence 
Armed with expression with vague misconceptions 
Came to me in a bleeding dream on filtered avenues of light 
Blue serenity turned red angrily 
Thought provoking in a distant tense 
A perfect paragraph of broken narrative 
These dusty floors don't seem to come clean anymore 
I'm watered down 
Evaporated from the ground 
Connections faltering 
Dehydrated when the phone rings

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