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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

2. Chicago Is Burning ...

We throw out our bodies on the fire and we die, 
Settle into ashes as the flames keep piling high 
We tossed and spread the kerosene and alcohol, 
The ethylene ignited cardboard homes. 
The second in a hundred and again as many years 
Street signs, skyscrapers and names. 
State Street, what a great street 
When the places and the people stayed the same. 

Winter beats the summer on the worst ones 
I fall in love again on the first ones 
Carbon vapor lines burn as a grid 
Like the burning summer evenings like my fingertips did ... 

This town is choking on our filth 
Obstinate displays of wealth 
Clog our Lincoln, Wicker, Rogers parks. 
Here's to your health Chicago. 
Fiddle as we burn. 
Nevermore, nevertheless 
Build it up and tear it down and never learn .....

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