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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

1. Chilean District

I’m Chilean, underway from a long and snowy winter
Coming on so hard I been living in a blender
I’ll drive this Pinto super slow
Snort this neighborhood up my nose

Heavy is the head that drinks the Crown
And lots of that shit’s been going ‘round
Everybody heard the sound
But that girl really took it down.

Fucking in the hallway, bullets in the shag
I’m ugly but I’m pretty much the best chance you have
I’ll dream when I’m sleeping
I’ll sleep when I die
I die every weekend
And break down and throw things
And poison my lining.

Walking on eggshells
Covered in flies
Beating and breathing
Not quite alive
Resolved to do nothing
But lay here and twitch
Till the governor’s men come
And fill up this ditch.
The love that I was promised
Ain’t so ugly as this.

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