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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

2. Cut It Up

it seems we're fading kinda fast. 
like the red brake lights rushing past.
this is morning, waking up when you're still at the bar 
lurking around with the queens after dark. 
we've come a long way just to end up lost.
we've drifted, yeah we've drifted, 
and now we're drifting along, along

cut it up until the pain goes away

everything on the avenue's a little more grey
and everyone's wearing just a little decay
cut it up, cut it up and hand it over
i don't wanna remember

i don't wanna remember

cut it up until the pain goes away

when the ship done sinks
and the crew done drowns
what am i gonna do?
i'm not hanging around
this cruise is ending
please hang on to your stub
thank you for coming 
and thanks for the love, thanks for the love

let's cut it up 'til the pain goes away.

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