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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

6. Fireflies

Invisible. Inviting visions linger.
This swirl of smoke looks like her slender body.
I see everything in frames now. Golden gilded.
Rippled edges wave goodnight. 
Lightsleeper. What's keeping you from waking?
This shallow stare has said it all.
Your cold dark face reminds me of the night we learned to smoke. 
Fireflies at our lips. 
Thirty seven years until I show my face again.
Steal this moment. Make it worth saving. 
Choke down the clouds that cloud your head now.
It would make my gloomy day.
Whoever you are you've stayed away for too long. 
The clocks are flipping on their backs.
Don't stay too late. I'll fizzle and fade.
A statue of stoned beliefs. 
A monument to monumental dying thoughts. 
Let the current take us where they will. 
From this hill I can see the world unfold before me.
I'm brooding over broken nights. 
I break each sentence like a limb. 
This is my exit. 
I storm out stage left. 
It'll feel like I left you so long ago. 
These arms will bleed. I'll be waiting. 
I'll be waiting with wishful elation. 
Lightsleeper, you could make my gloomy day. 
Make this moment worth saving.

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