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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

9. Ghost Stories

Raindrops fell without rage. 
Eyes half-closed.
Skin like dark gray metal.
Inanimate and cold. 
Another flame to my face.
The smell of sulfur lingering away. 
You're here for the perforation of the heart. 
Precise incisions; anesthetic dreams. 
It's broken like a ticking watch that need repairs. 
Shattered glass, exposed face, waiting to be wound. 
Wounded like a friend of mine 
Who eased his pain by killing time 
Not letting it kill him. 
When you wake up you won't remember anything. 
But that night the ghosts wailed in the windstorm. 
Cries sharp like a crescent moon.
A sickle grazed against the skin 
My breath fogged up the window.
So I let the night breathe in. 

I let the ghosts into my room 
and listened to their screams.
Incessant whisperings 
Singing like music to my ears 
A flash of light like lightning.
Electric blinding blue 
Reminded me of you.

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