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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

7. Here Comes The Neighbourhood

I work on Belmont, but I live in Wicker Park 
All my friends are bartenders in all the coolest bars 
My girlfriend's in the coolest band that you've ever seen 
They play the empty bottle every week. 
I've got everything i need. 
My loft, my motorcycle, my hip restaurant down the street 
And my neighbors are all artists or hot girls over 18 
Who needs community when you live right in your scene? 
From jinx to Betty's Blue Star, everybody knows my name 
From north avenue down to Augusta 
Everybody's all the same 
It's a playground fueled by beer 
No Chicagoan live here. 

It's geography bound tightly by big city dreams. 

When the property value's raised you'll be on your merry ways
Like the poor outclassed families before you 
You've already paved
Ashland to Western Chicago to North Avenue 
Congratulations kids, your shallow model city is sinking. 
You've become what you swore that you'd never be.

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