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The Lawrence Arms Lyrics

1. Intransit

I can't connect to this sacred object
the bar was open but to me the bar was closing
I like to suffer in a silent way
I can't get through the days without a
glaze across my face
you're so smart and witty
and funny and pretty and skinny
but tonight I don't feel right
I can't wait until I'm back in the city

a lonely rage. the hunger is the meanest cage

I felt like we were at a loss. this is the cost of art
the way you hate me with your grin
and now I'm almost over it
soon you'll set me free and raise a flag half mast
I'm so stupid and speechless and burned out,
sedated and faceless
and sometimes it feels like
I don't even exist in this place
I'm momentum, in transit,
alive in the rhythms of movement
it's when I stop and start thinking
that I realize all the people I'm missing

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